Easy Christmas Desserts & Sweet Treats

The festive season is nearly here, that brilliant time of year when you get to relax and indulge with family and friends.

As those of us with a sweet tooth know all too well, when it comes to the Christmas feast, dessert often feels more like an afterthought than the grand finale, but these delicious treats will put dessert firmly back on the menu.

Whether it’s a relaxed Christmas party potluck or a posh sit-down dinner party, here’s seven easy Christmas desserts and sweet treats for every occasion.

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The Ultimate Girls’ Night In

Who wants to go out when you can stay in?

While swanky bars and sky high heels are great sometimes, there’s nothing like getting together with a few of your besties and spending an evening at home in slippers instead of stilettos.

While we can’t provide the company, we can help you plan the ultimate girls’ night in.

Read on for our top tips on how to recreate the magic of a childhood slumber party, only this time, with wine…

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Supermarket Sweep: The Ultimate Nutritious Shopping List

The supermarket is one of those places that, depending on your mood, can be heaven or hell. Walk in with a rumbling tummy and your trolley will be piled high with biscuits, crisps and pizza. Walk in the morning after a heavy night and you’ll definitely be steering clear of the booze aisle…

The truth is, the best way to get on top of that big weekly shop is to pull together a shopping list that ticks all the boxes. An organised weekly shopping list packed with nutritious ingredients and snacks can help you choose wholesome foods, manage your weight, andstay sane in the supermarket).

If you’re seeking inspiration, check out the nutritious grocery shopping list we’ve compiled below. Be sure to include foods from each group!

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Easy 5-Day High-Fibre Meal Plan

Fibre: we know it has great benefits, but how many of us know how much we’re getting? If the experts are to be believed, we’re not eating nearly enough of it – in fact, the European Food Safety Authority recommends that we should be aiming to consume 25g of fibre per day.

Well, it’s certainly true that good fibre consumption can provide a number of health benefits.

Despite what you might have heard, though, eating lots of fibre doesn’t mean adopting a depressing diet. Fibre is actually packed into tons of our favourite foods.

Fibre comes from the parts of plants that your body cannot digest. It is found in starchy foods like oats and barley, wholemeal bread, cereals, and even potatoes with the skin. It’s present in lots of fruits and vegetables like apples, berries, sweet peppers, and carrots.. Leaving the skin on foods like apples and potatoes will give you even more fibre!). Nuts or pulses like almonds and lentils are also packed with fibre.

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