Happy Birthday Sundae

Celebrate in style with this bonanza of a birthday sundae.

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1 Serving
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5 minutes preparation
5 minutes Total
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136 Calories per serving (approx)


  • 175g pot 10 calorie raspberry jelly
  • 50g fresh raspberries
  • 1  Fibre One™ 90 Calorie Birthday Cake Square (24g), cut into 9 cubes
  • 1  medium squirt of reduced fat aerosol squirty cream (14g)
  • Multi -coloured sugar sprinkles


  1. Spoon the jelly and then the raspberries into a small sundae glass.
  2. Top with the cubed Fibre One™ 90 Calorie Birthday Cake Square. Add a squirt of the cream and top with sprinkles. Serve immediately.


  • Try a flavour change by substituting orange jelly for the raspberry jelly. Then top with peeled and thinly sliced clementines in place of the raspberries.
  • Instead of topping the sundae with squirty cream, try a spoonful of low fat Greek style yogurt or a small scoop of reduced calorie vanilla ice cream.