Something spicy

This way comes

So Delicious...

That tingly feeling you get from being indulgent with Fibre One along with that warm feeling you get from doing the right thing.

Even More to Love

Wowed by Flavour

Deliciously satisfying and guaranteed to hit the spot. Sit back, take a moment and treat yourself

Defying Belief

Our irresistible Fibre One sweet treats taste so amazing it’s hard to believe each brownie is a 90 calorie snack

High in Fibre

Fibre One Brownies are baked naturally with 5 grams of fibre and are lower in fat*

*Fibre One 90 Calorie contains at least 30% more fibre and 30% less fat than average UK brownies, caramel cake bar and lemon bar/slices, July 2015.

Satisfying in Every Way