Three brunette women with rollers in their hair.

The Ultimate Girls’ Night In

Who wants to go out when you can stay in?

While swanky bars and sky high heels are great sometimes, there’s nothing like getting together with a few of your besties and spending an evening at home in slippers instead of stilettos.

While we can’t provide the company, we can help you plan the ultimate girls’ night in.

Read on for our top tips on how to recreate the magic of a childhood slumber party, only this time, with wine…

Set the scene

Your scented candles were made for this. Set the scene and make everything nice and cosy for an evening of relaxation with candles, fairy lights pillows and extra blankets so everyone can get comfortable.

To really switch off, challenge your friends to leave their mobile phone stacked up on the table. First person to reach for theirs is challenged to truth or dare…

Stay entertained

No need to spend another night wondering why love only seems to work out in the movies – when it comes to entertainment, kick things up a notch with something other than your favourite VHS from the 90s.

If you want a laugh, bring the karaoke bar to you and sing off tune to your favourite hits in the comfort of your own living room. These days you can get kits that come with a microphone and everything you need to stream the music from your laptop.

For less than a tenner you can also peek into your future with the help of a tarot deck. Most come with a guide to help you do your own tarot card reading and will give you plenty of food for thought when it comes to girl talk. Dim the lights, grab the wine and see what the cards say.

Build in the me-time

With crazy busy lives, most of us would love the chance to retreat to a spa for a weekend of papering and relaxation. If only we could find the time.

Bringing the spa experience home with you is (probably) the next best thing. Build in some me-time to your girls’ night with a home manicure – it’s an easy and inexpensive way to do some pampering, and you can get the salon finish when you don’t have to rely on your own shaky hand.

Facemasks are also fun to do together – and make for great pictures, too. Add to the effect by slicing up some cucumber and resting it over your eyelids while the mask works its magic.

Don’t forget the snacks

No girls’ night in would be complete without something to snack on. Instead of ordering pizza (again), ask the girls to bring some finger foods with them and share everything, tapas style.

The same goes for sweets – having a few different options to hand, like a pack of crisps and a bar of chocolate means you can enjoy a little bit of everything. Guilt-free options like our Fibre One Salted Caramel Squares offer the perfect indulgent treat to finish off with too.